CIRPRO (Australia) Pty Ltd

Processing For The Future

Executive Summary

CIRPRO (Australia) Pty Ltd is establishing a multi-faceted Advanced Processing Facility, near Port Pirie in South Australia, that has the potential to fundamentally change the livestock & red meat industries in the State. We are creating a ‘hub’ of innovation that goes well beyond any other livestock processing facility to date.

Our Mission

To provide South Australia with an Advanced Processing Facility for livestock, producing multiple products to realise maximum whole-of-animal value throughout the supply chain. We will be:

  • Accessible to all

  • An enabler for access to new & expanded domestic and export markets

  • Designed and operated to deliver low/no carbon high value products with Zero Waste

Our Vision

To create collaborative and innovative regional processing hubs that build resilience through growth in Australian agribusiness on the basis of product value optimisation, zero waste, access to new markets and sustainable practices. 

deal highlights

  • AUD 110 mil raise.

  • Agri/food processing plant

  • State of the art

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