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Payments – that collect receipt data and do the business of claims

Executive Summary

Nothing Beats Doin' Nothin'

By eliminating tedious tasks, RIPA Global helps businesses save time, increase operational efficiency and ultimately, dedicate their resources to what really matters: driving revenue and increasing profitability.

100% automation, 0% Paper Receipts.

Shopping at any RIPA Expenses store partner is easy and hassle-free. During payment, simply scan the QR code with the RIPA Expenses app. Shopping online or at a non-RIPA enabled store? No problem, just upload a photo of the receipt or invoice to the app and let RIPA Expenses do the rest.

Better Processes, 100% Compliance.

Offering a fully automated expense management solution that captures and processes receipts and invoices, RIPA Global keeps businesses fully compliant every step of the way, provides full visibility across expenses and brings about better insights for internal discussions. Tax time now requires nothing more than a sigh of relief. 

The Smartest Thing to Do is Nothin’

The unique RIPA Expenses app (yes, it's patented!) frees up time, brainpower and energy to focus on creating business value. Ditch the boring admin, RIPA Global’s got everything covered.

deal highlights

  • Series A $3mil.

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